You can give your tithe online by using your PayPal account or your debit/credit card.

By clicking the “Donate” button below, you will be taken to PayPal, which securely handles
our online giving.



Are my gifts tax deductible?
Yes. We will give you an end-of-year giving statement that will include gifts you make online as well as gifts you make by check or cash. If you don’t think that we have your address to mail your giving statement, then please email us.

Is is secure?
Yes. Paypal is the leader in online payment processing. They handle all of your financial information.

Do you save or see my credit card information?
No. All credit card information goes directly to PayPal and is processed by PayPal. We don’t have access to any of your card information and therefore we also can’t store it on our website.

Should I use my credit card for giving to a church?
We do not think it is good stewardship to give on credit. We would prefer that you use your debit card that comes directly from your bank.

Is the church charged a fee for this service?
Yes. Some people might object to part of their money being assessed a fee from PayPal. However, any online giving service we could use charges fees. If you aren’t comfortable giving this way, then please feel free to give during the offering time of our service.