FAQ about Salvation

What do we need saved from?

The problem that all humanity has is that we are sinners. That means that we have all done something wrong – something that violates who God is as perfect, holy, and righteous.

The Bible says that the result of our sin is that we will spend eternity separated from God. The Bible describes that separation as eternal punishment.

Why do we need Jesus?

The Bible explains that there is nothing that we can do to save ourselves from the consequences of our sin. Despite the fact that we might be really good people, just the fact that we have sinned makes us unable to make ourselves right before God.

That’s what Jesus is for. God sent his son, Jesus, to earth for us. Jesus lived a perfect life and died on the cross to pay as a sacrifice to cover for our sins. But, since Jesus was perfect, God raised Jesus from the dead. God provided Jesus as the only way to pay for our sins – there is nothing that we can do and, unfortunately, there are no other plans for our salvation through other religions.

Then how does Jesus’s sacrifice cover for my sins?

Unfortunately, Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross doesn’t grant everyone who lives eternity with God. God has required that individual people decide on their own to believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior and to make him their Lord. That means that they release ownershp of their lives to Jesus and decide to be his disciple – allowing that lifelong discipleship to transform their lives.

Can’t I find a way to God through other ways?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. God only provided one way to pay for our sins -faith in Jesus.

How do I decide to place my faith and life in Jesus?

You must believe in your heart about Jesus and confess that he is who the Bible says he is. Most people make that decision through praying to God that they believe and that they choose to believe for life.

However, salvation isn’t simply a one-time decision without life change. Salvation is deciding to follow Jesus – to be a disciple of Jesus – and that results in a changed, transformed life.

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