FAQ about Re Church

Why another church?

Northeast Indy is a fast-growing place!  Even with other new churches, there still aren’t enough churches to reach everyone in the area.  We are located in Fortville, on the northwest side of Hancock County, in an area that is quickly growing.

Why the name Re Church?

We want to start a church that reaches out to people who used to go to church but no longer do. We want people to give church another try. We want people to view church through a different lens than they did before.

So, we chose the name Re Church. We want people to return to church. We want Christians to be refreshed in church. And we want those people who haven’t placed their faith in Jesus to be renewed because of God’s work through our church.

So, it’s a little different, but it also packs quite a message. We can use the name and a description to advertise to those people around us. Just using the name and explaining what it means can help open up the door for conversations with people about returning to God.

What denomination is the church?

Re Church is a nondenominational church, which means that it is independent and not associated
with any particular denomination. If you had to give Re Church a label, the best might be as
an evangelical nondenominational church. You can read Re Church’s doctrine here.

What do I need to know as a visitor to Re Church?

For a bunch of information about what to expect when you visit Re Church, check out
“What’s Sunday Like?”.

Do you have your own building?

Sort of!  We are leasing our own place – it’s ours 24 hours a day.

What kind of pastoral services are available?

Pastor Joe is available for spiritual counseling and other services. Pastor Joe will also officiate weddings and funerals. Please call or email Pastor Joe (joe@rechurchindy.com) if you need to set up an appointment.