Joe Dodridge, pastor

Joe and Sara Dodridge have been married 15 years and have two kids, Garrett (12) and Gabby (10). They met at Cumberland College in
Kentucky, lived in Ohio for three years and Muncie, Indiana for ten years.

From 2008-2012 Joe was in full time ministry, splitting his time as associate pastor at Old Town Hill Baptist Church and campus minister for Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM) at Ball State. Prior to working in ministry, Joe taught band and math for seven years in private and public schools. Joe also received a masters degree in music theory and did considerable work on a doctoral degree in music theory. In addition to all of her work and support in ministry, Sara has been working as a radiologic technologist for twelve years.

In February 2012 Joe and Sara announced that they were leaving Old Town Hill Baptist Church and BCM to start a new nondenominational church in northeast Indy. Joe became the pastor of the church when the core group began meeting in August 2012, leaving Old Town Hill and BCM
on July 29. 2012.

The podcast, “Water for Shepherds,” did an audio interview with Joe in November 2013. You can listen to the podcast and learn more about Joe and Re Church at

Currently, in addition to pastoring Re Church, Joe teaches math at Hope Academy in Indianapolis.