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About the Church

Re Church is starting services in Fortville on June 18th, 2017.

We first launched services on December 2, 2012 and recently moved to Fortville.  We are a nondenominational church that meets weekly at 10:00 AM for worship in Fortville (1000 W. Broadway St., Fortville). We have a children’s ministry and nursery during the service.

In addition to our weekly service, we will start small groups in peoples’ houses this fall. A pastor challenged me to consider if we would be a church with small groups or a church of small groups. It is our hope that we are a church of small groups, with small groups being the place for people to connect and do life together.

From July 2012 until now, there is a core group of families who have helped start the church.
This core group makes many of the early decisions about the church – its constitution, doctrine, budget, etc. As the church grows in size and experience, the core group will relinquish governmental control of the church to the congregation.

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